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Stock Picks as of 11/17/2020

September 17th, 2020

5 Stock Picks to Invest in Longterm:

  1. Blackberry - Most people look at Blackberry (formerly known as RIM) as a dead cellphone company. A company that’s basically a prehistoric dinosaur at this point with a small cybersecurity portfolio left of their business. Their inability to adapt against cell phone companies such as Apple & Android vendors has caused their main revenue driver to plummet into non-existence. However, their business has been able to keep afloat in the past few years due to their competitive advantages around cybersecurity. Many government officials & corporations till this day still use QNX from BB as their mobile/security platform due to these advantages.

  2. Weedmaps - The company provides enterprise software to the cannabis businesses, running their point-of-sale (POS) services as well as aiding with logistics, regulatory compliance, wholesaling, and ordering. Clients pay a monthly fee in a standard SaaS model, with fees for other optional services like featured posts or listing priority on WMH’s Weedmaps marketplace. While the recurring revenue from the enterprise software provides solid value, Weedmaps is where the real opportunity lies.Weedmaps is WMH’s ecommerce platform and listing marketplace that shows customers nearby cannabis businesses. Customers can order packaged cannabis products or deliveries from local dispensaries through the app, as well as leave reviews. In essence, this makes Weedmaps both an Amazon and DoorDash for cannabis, and amazingly WMH does not currently charge a commission on most transactions on the Weedmaps platform. WMH CEO Chris Beals explained on the company’s webcast that this was a decision made to avoid tricky regulatory questions and commercial liability as marijuana remains illegal under US federal laws.

  3. Palantir Technologies Inc - Founded by PayPal Founder, Peter Thiel... Do I need to say anything else? Whatever this dude touches turns into gold. If you don't trust me then trust George Soros ( In today's society where your information is the currency, PLTR seeks to capitalize on the data analytic sector. EDIT (11/23/2020): As of today, George Soros has decided to dump his 18M shares of PLTR due to disputing ethical reasons from SFM.

  4. Xiaopeng Motors - You've heard of Alibaba the so called "Chinese Amazon", now look to XPENG the "Chinese Tesla". No literally, XPENG has been stealing confidential and proprietary information from Tesla which is one of the reasons why XPENG's autopilot software is highly regarded. Backed by big corporations in China such as Alibaba and a pushing DRIVE (ba-dum-tss) from Chinese government to produce some successful EV's, I don't see XPENG failing for years to come. Other pro's include vertical integration supply chain similar to Tesla's and consumer-favored price points (sub-30k USD).