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How to Make Money Off the Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson Fight

November 28th, 2020

Let me start off by saying I'm not a professional but have done significant research on both fighters prior to the present-day.

Unless Nate Robinson has been cross-training as a boxer while in the NBA his whole life I think he has a slim to no chance at winning. Jake Paul has trained in boxing for around 3 years with the likes of Sugar Shane Mosley. Although he has fought no professional athletes it is safe to say that his boxing fundamentals and IQ are there.

Nate Robinson has had around 2 months to train for the fight leading up to 11/30/2020. Yes, I know what you may be thinking... He's a freak athlete who had football/basketball scholarships straight out of college, x3 NBA Slam Dunk Champ, and former Knicks/Celtic role-player, but it's hard to justify someone with little training and sparring beating someone with enough experience as Jake Paul.

Don't just take my word on it, here's Faze Sensei's (trained and experience boxing professional) take on the fight:

TLDR why you bet on Jake Paul:

Reason 1: Height Advantage of Jake Paul (6'1 compared to Nate Robinson - 5'9)

Reason 2: Experience and Training (Nate Robinson has had 2 Months to train compared to Jake Paul's 2 Years)

Reason 3: Training Camp Difference - JP trains under BJ Flores, a solid fighter and trainer. Spars with football athletes and amateur fighters. NR trains under Reyes Group, relatively unknown. No existing footage of sparring.

Reason 4: Footage - JP's punches snap, turns body when throwing punches, looks solid and experienced throwing punches. NR looks too stiff but shows great power. Doesn't look to be exerting full energy when throwing punches on camera.

Current Positions:

Undisclosed Sum Favor of JP Win at (-150 Favorite)

Undisclosed Sum Favor of JP Win at (-250 Favorite)

Undisclosed Sum Favor of JP Win 1st (+600 Underdog)

Edit as of 11/30/2020:

Jake Paul Wins by KO 2nd Round. I don't think I'll ever see a money line with a payout like this ever again. In fact, Jake Paul's odds to win were severely undermined most likely due to the fact that most users were banking on Nate Robinson's pure athlketuicisim to beat JP. With a -150 money line showing that JP's implied probablity of winning was around 60%, significant research showed that NR almost had no shot of beating Jake mentioned above.