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New Year, New Goals

December 26th, 2020

Day to Day Goals:

  1. No Social Media Apps on Phone. (Keep Snap for Connections) ✔️
  2. Limit Spending Habits! (Use $ for Roth IRA Maxout and Stocks) ✔️
  3. Count Calories when You Can, Limit Fast Food. (Always cook) ✔️

Medium Term Goals (Few Months):

  1. Procurment Internship in OC? (Move) APICS CSCP Certification Exam in July ❗
  2. 20k Q1-Q2 Sales Jimmy ✔️
  3. Ace Final 3 Classes for Winter Quarter & Graduate ✔️

Long Term Goals (Span of this Year):

  1. Stop Unnecessary Overthinking!!! ✔️
  2. 85+ Avg for AFOQT (11 Flight Hours Remaining)
  3. Learn Instrument and Language Over Summer ❗